Technology in multi-office firms: How to solve your firm’s biggest problems

Technology in multi-office firms isn’t typically that much different from technology in single-location firms. But the challenges these firms face are unique. Sharing documents, standardizing workflows, and even minimizing commute time are all issues that can be more difficult for multi-office firms to solve. Here are three firms and how they managed it.

Sharing Documents

Any accounting firm will generate a lot of documents, but multiple offices have unique document management struggles. Sharing documents between locations can be difficult, and slow. The technology required to keep files on local servers is just too slow and expensive to be worth the effort. That’s where the cloud comes in. Global Mobility Tax was able to move its document management to the cloud, and they haven’t looked back.

“With five different offices, we had been struggling with document storage, having enough space, making sure it was all secure, and not being moved. Everything was in a folder within a folder within a folder, and we had to access them through a VPN, and had to back it all up every day… We didn’t know that there were better things out there.”
–  Kimberly Engstrom, Global Mobility Tax

Mergers & Acquisitions

If your firm has gone through a merger or acquisition, you know the headaches that process can cause. Each firm has its own way of doing things, and the lack of standardization can create confusion and frustration. Tronconi Segarra and Associates experienced similar challenges, but managed to overcome them with technology.

“Bringing the two firms together has had some challenges, but part of what has helped is the standardization and having our workflows laid out without any ambiguity or questions.”
Alyce R. Notaro, Tronconi Segarra and Associates

Smaller multi-office firms

Even smaller firms sometimes have multiple offices to join together. For these firms, the technology that this used to require could seem overwhelming or out of budget. Moving to the cloud is actually a convenient and affordable way for small offices to work together more easily. For example, with only a handful of employees, Bill Gaines of Gaines & Company was able to make his firm more efficient, and cut down on commute time between his two offices.

“I have a remote office about 20 miles away, and CCH Axcess allows me to keep those two offices connected — something I wouldn’t able to do without the cloud. It doesn’t matter where I am — I can be anywhere in the country and still have immediate access to all of my information at any time.”
Bill Gaines, Gaines & Company

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