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While it may seem like a document management software is simply a complex way to find and store files, the reality is that a DMS can actually help improve client satisfaction dramatically. In a recent Accounting Today webinar titled “Document Management: The Client Service Connection,” Wolters Kluwer product line manager Damon Russel explained the various ways in which document management affects client service.

Document management touches all 6 steps of the tax workflow process, and, in fact, 4 out of those 6 steps involve client interaction. And of course, very client interaction presents an opportunity to improve client satisfaction.

How to improve client service

Here’s how your document management system can help, according to the webinar:

  • Obtaining source files. Integrating a client portal with your document management system allows firms to quickly receive files. And a document management system that includes email management can cut down on frustration as well.
  • Signing off on and filing the return. Ideally, you can save the final tax return to the document management system and send it to the client through a portal for review. In addition, electronic signature functionality that includes knowledge-based authentication for security purposes makes the sign off process fast and simple.
  • Delivering and storing the final return. Integration with a portal makes delivering the final return a breeze. But you also need to be able to find the document again if and when you need it in the future. Furthermore, proper file naming conventions and a logical classification system are key.
  • Invoicing and receiving payment. An integrated document management system provides the ability to store invoices and payment receipts for easy reference down the road. And of course, a portal lets you easily deliver the invoice, quickly and efficiently.

If you’re looking for ways to improve client service, a document management may be your next step. Watch the webinar to learn more: Document Management and the Client Service Connection.


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