Renewing CCH Axcess is an easy choice

It’s time for CCH Axcess Renewal. It’s a no brainer for me that we are going to be renewing CCH Axcess. But the question is: Are you? Or are you thinking about changing to CCH Axcess Tax software this year?

Every year, when I get the booklet in the mail, I always think this could be easier as I know it’s a question of me signing and paying. I wonder if it’s as easy for other firms to make the decision like me.

What I love is that Wolters Kluwer makes it an easy choice. Here’s why I’m renewing CCH Axcess:

  1. It works!  CCH Axcess is in the cloud, and we have experienced no downtime. We have a simple application that automagically updates every now and then with the latest versions.
  2. Continuous improvements. Since CCH Axcess is a relatively young product it seems like there are more and better updates all the time. It’s a great base product, but it’s cool to see it getting developmental dollars for improvements as well.
  3. The look and feel is getting easier. The user interface has gone through some upgrades and it’s getting easier especially for e-file dashboards.
  4. The high level of technical ability when it comes to returns. Not all tax software is the same when it come to the heavy lifting of certain sized tax returns. And the multistate inputs get better every year. Hello, multistate M-3 Partnership in 15 states.
  5. An interconnected suite of products. We can scan on the front end, use email, save to CCH Axcess Document, follow it in CCH Axcess Workstream and complete a tax return all in one program. It sounds like it should be standard but I know it’s not in many other programs.
  6. User Conference. Need I say more? It’s the best place to connect and learn from other practitioners on how to use the software to its fullest extent.

A few unbiased questions

With all the things I love, there are still some things make me scratch my head. Since I had some questions, I decided to ask John Barnes, Vice President of Product Management at Wolters Kluwer. Here’s what he told me.

Q: Why am I charged by state and not users or number of extra tax returns? I pay for a multi-state upgrade but it’s only good for five states. In today’s mobile, social, global world, the number of states I file in doesn’t seem relevant.

JB: We offer a variety of packages to suit the needs of our diverse customers, including “All State” options. CCH Axcess customers include local, regional, national and international firms. We always try to find the best fit for our customers to have the states and forms they need without paying for content they won’t use.

Q: Why do I get different invoices for different products at different times of the year? My tax invoice can be split over 12 months, but this is not true for all the other products. It seems like it should be billed like it is consumed, throughout the year.

JB: Some tax packages allow for installment payments, but our non-tax modules are billed on the anniversary of purchase. These decisions were made with input from many customers with varying needs. We continually evaluate our end-to-end practices to determine areas for improvement.

Q: Why is the pricing so complicated? Some modules are charged by number of users and some by transactions. You almost need an accounting degree to figure out the charges.

JB: Our solution consultants walk customers through the pricing to ensure they are getting the functionality they need for the best value. Since our customers all have their own unique needs, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for pricing.

Why I switched

Are you a new potential CCH Axcess User?  I did a webinar for non-Axcess users about why I switched.  If you are thinking about potentially changing software, tune in and get some of your questions answered. I made the webinar because people were calling me out of the blue for input. If you couldn’t already tell from some of my critique, it’s a pretty unbiased approach for those of you looking to join the CCH Axcess club. That said, I think it’s a great product that has improved the workflow of my firm – so it’s well worth checking it out! Watch now!


Jody Padar, CPA, MST

CEO & Principal, New Vision CPA Group

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