How to write a great online bio for your accounting firm website

Writing a professional bio for your accounting firm website or social media profile can be a daunting task. Online, like an awkward dinner party, can be a difficult place to introduce yourself. The advantage of face-to-face interaction, though, is you can tailor your communication to the needs of the moment. However, online, it’s difficult to know who your audience even is. As a result, it sometimes seems easier just to neglect this aspect of your online marketing and hope people come to you on their own.

Unfortunately for the “digitally introverted,” a good professional bio is crucial to your online presence. Your online bio helps attract people who will engage with your business by presenting a personal and professional story about you and your business. This is a big job for just a few paragraphs of text, but with some thought and creativity, you can use your online bio to grow your brand, increase leads, and generally increase the visibility of yourself and your business.

Tips for a great bio

Here are a few tips to consider when writing your online bio.

  • Showcase your skills for a particular audience. Only you can determine the most effective messaging for your clientele. Depending on who you want to attract to your business, tailor your bio to impress those individuals or organizations. One size does not always fit all.
  • Tell a story. Each of us has a different professional history to share. Don’t just present a laundry list of accomplishments. Instead, present your background and credentials in such a way as to interest, or even entertain, your site visitors. A good online bio should make you look like a real human being, not a machine.
  • Show you unique you are. Your story is different from that of your competition or even your own colleagues. Your bio should highlight what makes your business and experience unique. If you specialize in a niche or have a unique educational or personal background, make sure it’s obvious in your bio.
  • Include a professional photo with your bio. If you can’t afford one, or are waiting to get your photos, here are some tips to do it yourself.
  • Don’t forget social media. If you engage an audience on social media, make sure a shortened version of your bio is included in all your profiles. Present a consistent message by ensuring your social media bios communicate the same message.
  • Continually update your bio. Even after you have crafted the “perfect” bio, it won’t be perfect for long. As your career progresses, you will want to make sure you update your bio by adding or removing details that might improve its effectiveness.

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