How to be a Client-Centered Firm

Attracting and retaining clients is consistently a top concern for accounting firms. A steady churn of clients means that even firms looking to maintain the status quo must make an effort to keep clients satisfied and find new business. In a recent webinar, Wolters Kluwer product manager Samantha Grovenstein-Deal and Charlie Burns of Reid, Hanna, Johnson & Company discussed how  technology can help set the stage for a client-centered firm.

Charlie joined Reid, Hanna, Johnson & Company has a Tax Manager, but made partner in about 18 months after helping to usher in technology changes that increased revenue by 33% and improved profits by 300%. During the one-hour webinar, their discussion touched on many important points about becoming a more client-centered firm.

Client information is key

It seems simple, but becoming client-centered requires that you get to know your clients as well as you can. Client information goes beyond just simple address and phone  number. It also includes all of the work you do for the client, including workpapers, bills and projects.

Bridging the communication gap

Poor communication is one of the leading causes of client turnover. Many of the most common communication problems can be tracked back to the client relationship. When staff leaves or gets promoted, the client can feel neglected. It’s vital to capture as much client information as possible to create continuity when the client is passed to a new staff member.

Adding value to the client relationship

Although compliance work is at the heart of many firms, profitability and growth are found primarily with higher value services. As firms move up into more profitable types of engagements, client satisfaction actually increases. Satisfied clients refer new business, which in turn makes the firm even more profitable. Everyone  wins!

Firm leaders should never lose sight of what truly powers the firm: Its clients. Find out how to leverage technology to serve clients better. Watch the webinar.



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