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CCH Tax Day Report

President Trump announced a tax reform plan. Lawmakers heard testimony about the filing season and the IRS posted updated filing season statistics.

White House

Senior administration officials outlined President Trump’s tax proposals (TAXDAY, 2017/04/27, W.1).


House. Treasury and IRS officials testified about the filing season (TAXDAY, 201704/27, C.1).

Lawmakers discussed President Trump’s tax reform outline (TAXDAY, 2017/04/28, C.1).

Senate. Lawmakers heard testimony about tax credits (TAXDAY, 2017/04/28, C.2).


Conservation Easements. The IRS made an announcement about syndicated conservation easement transactions (Notice 2017-29 ; TAXDAY, 2017/04/28, I.1).

Employers. The IRS issued a fact sheet on tips and service charges (FS-2017-8 ; TAXDAY, 2017/04/26, I.1).

Filing Season. The IRS posted filing season statistics (IR-2017-89 ; TAXDAY, 2017/04/26, I.2). The IRS also posted post-filing season tips (IR-2017-88 ; TAXDAY, 2017/04/25, I.6).

Small Business. The IRS reminded taxpayers about National Small Business Week (IR-2017-90 ; TAXDAY, 2017/05/01, I.2).

By Jessica Jeane and George L. Yaksick, Jr., Wolters Kluwer News Staff



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