5 Keys to a Cool Firm Culture

Culture is a buzz word that is seen in posts and blogs across the web, in addition to articles in print and any number of recruiting pitches.  Having a great firm culture and a workplace of which people want to be a part is the result of an intentional effort that comes from an intense collaborative focus from within an organization.  Culture isn’t accidental, although it can be unintentional. I have found many leaders that have said they  wanted their firm culture to be certain things but their actions, behaviors, practices and values created something different and they never realized it.

This series will give you what I have discovered to be the key components of a great culture. In each blog, we will break down distinct components of culture to give you actionable eideas and practices for you to implement in your organization.

Keys to a Cool Culture

Here are the five key components to a cool culture:

  • Place – Culture needs a place. A place where people want to be and want to come to. This is not just the physical building. It also includes aesthetics, the temperature, the colors of the walls, the technology in place, and the collaborative environment. The place matters.
  • People – Great culture demands great people. Not good people, not okay people, not the wrong people. Great people. People that share the values, vision and purpose of the organization and have a great attitude and appetite for change and innovation.
  • Passion & Energy – The is the buzz or the electricity that runs throughout the organization. The life, the energy. Something that everyone plugs into and feels energized from. It radiates from the leadership and is motivational. Passion can be seen in the purpose of the organization and in the delivery of the products and services of the organization.
  • Vision & Values – A clear vision of where the organization is going and the values that guide the decisions and direction of the organization. Culture needs a plan and a guiding set of principles.
  • Practices – The 4 keys above are meaningless without practices that support them. These are the action items for you –  the processes and procedures that we put in place to emphasize and support the values we want our culture to reflect.

Finding the Why

These five areas are key to a cool firm culture. In addition to these five, there is one over-arching theme that must inform each area. The Why. Everyone in the organization must know the Why. The Purpose. I didn’t list it as a separate item because of its permeating nature. Purpose must penetrate the 5 key areas  in such a way that it connects them.

Join me over the next few months as this 5 part series takes a look at each of these areas and let’s talk about it on our live webinar series. Don’t miss part 1: Making Your Firm a Great Place to Work 


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