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CCH Tax Day Report

Congress is on recess. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen discussed the filing season. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) released new reports.

White House

President Trump discussed health care (TAXDAY, 2017/04/04, W.1).


House. The House Small Business Committee held a hearing on the IRS’s protection of taxpayer information (TAXDAY, 2017/04/07, C.3).

Lawmakers reintroduced the bipartisan Clyde-Hirsch-Sowers RESPECT Bill (TAXDAY, 2017/04/04, C.2).

Senate. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen testified before the Senate Finance Committee (TAXDAY, 2017/04/07, C.2).

Lawmakers introduced the bipartisan Government Settlement Transparency and Reform Bill (TAXDAY, 2017/04/04, C.1).


Filing Season. TIGTA issued a report on the filing season (TAXDAY, 2017/04/10, T.1).

Structuring. TIGTA issued a report on structuring (TAXDAY, 2017/04/05, T.1).


IRS Commissioner. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen spoke at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. (TAXDAY, 2017/04/06, I.2).

Tax Collection. The IRS described private tax collection (IR-2017-74; TAXDAY, 2017/04/05, I.2).

Filing Season. The IRS reminded taxpayers about last-minute filing tax help (IR-2017-75; TAXDAY, 2017/04/07, I.3). The IRS announced extended service hours (IR-2017-76; TAXDAY, 2017/04/07, I.5) and reminded taxpayers about unpaid refunds (IR-2017-72; TAXDAY, 2017/04/04, I.2). The IRS also urged taxpayers to e-file their returns (IR-2017-73; TAXDAY, 2017/04/04, I.3).

Taxpayer Rights. The IRS described the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (FS-2017-5; TAXDAY, 2017/04/06, I.1).

Students. The IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) remains offline (TAXDAY, 2017/04/05, I.1).

By Jessica Jeane and George L. Yaksick, Jr., Wolters Kluwer News Staff



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