Hidden signs your firm has a client communication problem

More than a third of clients who leave your firm will do so because of “poor communications” according to the recent “Game Plan for the Future” survey conducted by Aberdeen Group. You may not even realize that you have a communications problem, though, because they often show up as seemingly unrelated issue. In order to keep your clients satisfied, look for these signs of a potential client communication problem.

Questions about staff turnover

Staffing challenges can cause headaches in several ways, but one of the most serious is weakening client relationships. When your clients notice your staffing problems, you can be sure you have a client communication problem on your hands. Your clients want to feel like they trust their accountant. Unfortunately, they’ll lose that trust if their single point of contact leaves the firm. By communicating more proactively, firms can prove that they truly value the client relationship.

Complaints about slow service

Advances in consumer technology have drastically changed client expectations for speed of service. Clients now expect on-demand access to all of their information. If it takes you longer than a day to respond to a client request, you’ll see client satisfaction levels dive. This need for responsiveness drives successful firms to find ways to work faster. Firms also need systems that provide better line of sight into the work being done, so they can respond to questions sooner and offer deeper insight into their client relationships.

Concerns about security

In the rush to provide clients with their information as soon as possible, firms sometimes open themselves up to information security risks. Clients understand there are risks involved with sharing information electronically, but they are also familiar with various protections that can improve security. Interacting online is an everyday occurrence for most people. Ensure you are taking steps to protect their information, like using portals, encrypting sensitive data, and requiring strong passwords. Then you can proactively solve this client communication problem by communicating your security plan to put clients at ease.

Make sure you can identify these signs of a client communication problem, and get in sync with your client expectations. Download the “Game Plan for the Future” whitepaper today.


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