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Tax season can be stressful for even the most organized and efficient firms. Because tax work is so seasonal, and clients can be unpredictable, many firms look for creative ways to deal with the influx of work. Firms looking for CPA firm productivity tips can start by learning from their peers. Many of our customers have implemented technology to help manage the pain. Here’s what they said:

Outsource individual returns while you work on the business returns

Since a large part of our practice is preparing partnership and corporate returns, the bulk of the work takes place in February and March. Outsource allows us to have the staff concentrate on the business returns while being able to have the individual work in February and early March processed and reviewed, so that those clients are not waiting a long time for their returns. This allows us to be more efficient in getting those returns back out to clients.

Alan M. Willinger, CPA, JD, Managing Partner, JM CPA LLP 

Balance work between offices

Sometimes we have more work in one office and less in another. We have been able to transfer that work across officies and be able to say, ‘Hey, instead of working 80 hours in this office and just doing about 40 here, we can all work 50 and that gets us to where we need to be.’

Melania Powell, CPA, Tax Manager, HoganTaylor, LLP 

Give lower-value work to less-experienced staff

What CCH ProSystem fx Scan with Autoflow Technology has done is allow us to push down the level of work that we’re doing so that the first review is performed by the person who’s actually preparing the return. Since it’s being reviewed at this stage, our firm’s partners know that it has gone through a review process by the time it gets to them, saving them time. This allows us to achieve higher profit margins.

Laura Sprouse, Partner, Firm Administrator, Brown Edwards & Co., LLP  

Use Engagement Management software to automate your tax work

We gather all information and documents from clients upfront and enter the information int CCH PRroSystem fx Engagement to get it off of paper and into a digital system within 24 hours. Operating that way has provided us with huge time savings in our work

Jonalyn Sullivan, CPA, MST, Principal and Co-Founder, Sullivan and Gannon, LLC 

Switch to digital client communications

We used to have too much expense in processing, printing, copying and shipping paper tax organizers and completed returns. It was inconvenient for clients. The whole process was inefficient. Delivering returns through Portal is efficient because we can put the return directly into Document, sign it and publish it. Then it is in the client’s ballpark. We used to race to meet FedEx every night now clients get their returns faster.

Rob Gunther, Partner, Frost PLLC 

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