Accounting Firm Technology: 5 Trends to Watch

Technology has always been integral to accounting firms, but often in unexpected ways. Beyond just calculations, accounting firm technology can help firms win clients, engage staff and expand business. In a 2015 whitepaper, Boomer Consulting, Inc. President Sandra Wiley discussed how firms are using technology to manage more efficiently.

The whitepaper, called “Manage in the Cloud: Prepare to be Future Ready” presented survey results of how firms are using to achieve success. The survey found many benefits to implementing cloud technology, including ease of access, technology best practices, and disaster recovery. In fact, there are many areas within a firm that can benefit from technology.


Accounting firm technology can help firms build and grow a consistent brand. Building a website is a great first step, but firms should also offer collaboration tools like portals and e-signatures to establish a reputation as a tech-savvy advisor. Also, make sure all correspondence – including engagement letters and invoices – have consistent branding throughout.

Business Development

Cloud software can centralize your client data in one location (the cloud), making it easier to get a complete picture of your firm’s clients and business. The efficiency gained by having data more easily accessible frees up more time to grow the firm by recruiting new clients or developing new niches.

Client Service

Retaining clients is even more important than bringing in new ones. Accounting firm technology helps your staff be more responsive, opening up the lines of communication. Client expectations are growing all the time, so you’ll need to put some effort into keeping them happy. Since word of mouth is so important in acquiring new clients, keeping your existing clients happy can pay off two-fold.

Staff Recruiting and Retention

Cloud software and mobile technology can enable firms to offer flexible work conditions. Better work/life balance can attract high-quality candidates and keep existing staff more engaged. Remote work also allows firms to extend their staff searches to areas outside of their immediate area.

Staff Development

Closely tied to staff retention is staff development. It’s more cost effective to promote managers from within, but you’ll need to have satisfied junior staff in place to serve as a pool to draw managerial talent from. Keeping your technology up to date will help staff feel that their skills are keeping up with the rest of the profession.

To learn more about how accounting firm technology can help you manage your firm, download the whitepaper, “Manage in the Cloud: Prepare to be Future Ready.”


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