Virginia ~ Personal Income Tax: Refund Fraud Prevention Discussed

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The Virginia Department of Taxation has issued a release outlining the various safety procedures they are taking to prevent personal income tax refund fraud. The department has a refund review team that checks all returns that have been identified as potentially fraudulent to determine if the taxpayer whose name is on the return actually submitted it. As part of this review, the department sends a letter to the taxpayer asking whether they filed a return and whether they received their refund. Documentation to verify the taxpayer’s identity may also be requested. Personal identification numbers (PINs) have also been issued to taxpayers identified as possible victims of identity theft as a method of verifying a taxpayer’s identity when they file their returns. Finally, as tax refund schemes grow more elaborate, the department will continue to coordinate with the IRS, other state tax departments, and the tax software industry to protect personal information and reduce refund fraud. The release also discusses steps taxpayers and tax professionals can take to prevent fraud.

The full text of the department’s release is available at

Refund Fraud Prevention, Virginia Department of Taxation, January 19, 2017



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