Software training ROI: Making the case for consultants

Whether you’re a novice or experienced software user, time is money in the world of public accounting. For firms to make the most of their software investment, they need to make staff proficient quickly. Although software training ROI can be difficult to calculate, there is no faster return on investment than learning how to better use the tools you already own.

The tools you use today are so critical to your success that firms need to create a standard baseline of knowledge, not only for current staff, but for new staff coming on board. Each time a new hire attends training, they will bring new and fresh knowledge back into your firm. Since software vendors constantly add new features, regular training prevents your staff from using software the same way year after year.

10 reasons to consider a consultant

However, internal training can become a burden on your best staff over time. Here are 10 reasons to consider outside help for your firm’s training needs:

  1. Enjoy a shorter Return on Investment (ROI) — tax and accounting staff will be in position to use the software as it was meant to be used, thereby generating revenue in less time.
  2. Spend less time trying to figure out the software’s many features and functions.
  3. Consultants are “learning professionals” who educate accounting professionals every day about the features of the software.
  4. Software consultants have unmatched product expertise, including broad experience in the industry.
  5. Let the revenue generating staff in the firm continue to generate revenue and not worry about training other firm personnel.
  6. Consultants are always available, knowledgeable and ready to help.
  7. Training courses are usually eligible for CPE credit.
  8. Undergoing training can help improve and/or standardize policies and procedures.
  9. Mitigate risk by understanding how to properly set up and configure all aspects of
    your software solutions.
  10. Retain staff and gain a competitive advantage when hiring new employees.

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