How to attract clients and retain staff

In a recent webinar with Accounting Today, CCH Axcess product manager Damon Russel talked with customer Garrett Wagner about changing client and staff expectations. Disruptive technologies like the iPhone have been game changers across the profession. Many consumers now have more advanced technology than the advisors they trust with their financial well-being. This has major implications for how tax and accounting firms do business. If your firm wants to attract clients and retain staff, you may need to change your technology outlook.

Client expectations

First of all, clients want firms to provide them with 24×7 access to their financial information from any device. For example, they want to view and pay their invoices online, submit information and sign documents electronically, and communicate instantly. These high expectations can cause headaches for firms that aren’t prepared. If you want to attract clients, you’ll need to adapt to these changing expectations.

Talent recruitment and retention

In addition, younger staff are confident in their technology skills and prefer to work for firms that fully embrace technology. These workers don’t necessarily value loyalty to organizations, so they are not likely stay with the firm unless they feel actively engaged and able to develop professionally. However, firms also need to balance their staff’s expectations for flexible work with client data security needs.

To learn more about how consumer attitudes are affecting firms like yours, watch the full one-hour webinar, “How consumer behavior and technology are driving change in accounting firms.”


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