Audit Fieldwork – 8 Tips To Improve Quality

Quality audit fieldwork is key to quality audits. During busy season, however, it can be challenging just trying to keep your head above water – or so it seems sometimes, I’m sure. Keeping an open mind is a good approach to easing stress though because there’s always ways to improve your audits. Continue reading and you’ll learn some great quality audit tips designed just for that! Pick up ideas that can help you make the most out of every minute you spend in the field.

Last winter we shared a series of audit fieldwork video tips. Although the videos are a year old, the tips they offer are as relevant this year as they were last. Whether you checked them out then or not, take time to view them now. You’ll be glad you did.

Some of the tips will be pretty easy to implement, while others not so much. All of the tips, though, will be worth your consideration. An easy tip example is tip #3. Tackle the most difficult areas first. The associated video creatively states the problem, then gives the tip and ends with the result you’ll achieve when you implement it. A more difficult tip example is tip #5. Address process inefficiencies. How difficult that tip will be to incorporate is largely dependent on how efficient your processes are currently. But regardless of how efficient you think your processes are, there’s always room for even more improvement. The 8 tips in this video series are reasonable in length, easy to absorb and will get your brain thinking. And then the associated infographic includes a bonus tip for you. So don’t miss that!

Certainly you’re interested in having a less stressful busy season, right? Then checkout these helpful Audit Fieldwork Tips for a jump start. Watch now, and good luck in the field!


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