Three document management trends you can’t ignore

Document management systems are no longer considered “new” technology in a tax and accounting firm. However, the issues and concerns surrounding this type of software continue to evolve. Whether your firm is just now starting to look at formal document management systems, or if you’ve been using one for years, you need to be aware of these important document management trends.


Mobility is no longer a “nice to have” feature, but rather a “need to have” requirement for firms that want to keep clients and staff happy and engaged. The latest mobile systems go beyond simply providing access to basic client data. They’re now providing more interactive tools for workflow management, client collaboration nd communication.


Many firms are realizing that the cloud can be more secure than storing documents on premises. The key to keeping data secure is to maintain layers of security. Document and file security are the most basic level of security. But keeping files safe from tampering is just the first step. Firms can protect data by using permissions and access groups limit access to data. And physically securing the premises (or datacenter) can be so technically complicated and expensive, that many firms prefer to send their data to a trusted cloud provider.


Document workflow is not a new concept, but it’s vital for all size firms. The most important tip to remember is that you should not plan to turn your paper-based workflow into a digital workflow. In order to maximize efficiency, you need to optimize the digital workflow to take advantage of all the benefits your document management system can provide. When implemented with care, a document management system can become almost transparent in your firm’s tax, audit and other workflows.

Document management trends continue to evolve

Heading into the future, firms need to be aware of how these document management trends are evolving. As the technology changes, features that used to seem cutting edge will soon be basic table stakes. Firms that don’t keep up will have to contend with dissatisfied staff and clients that are leaving for more efficient competitors.

The document management system you choose substantially affects how your firm operates. Learn more about these trends by downloading our whitepaper, “Document Management Strategies: New and Upcoming Trends.”


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