Client portal reviews are in: Real-world strategies for success

It’s true that portals will help save your firm money on supplies like postage, paper and printer toner cartridges. Some firms have reported saving as much as 30% on these types of expenses. However, client portal reviews reveal the true payoff in implementing portals is the enhanced efficiency and collaboration you’ll experience when you are better able to exchange files and collaborate with your clients. To achieve this type of success, follow this advice from CCH Axcess Portal customers:

Integrate your portal with all of your other software.

When you make portals a part of your everyday workflows, your staff will be more likely to use them.

“It’s a seamless click that can be pre-built and integrated with other software. You hit a button and the return goes to the Portal or Enagement or Documents. You’ve got these tools all tied together. Not just that, you can also tie CCH ProSystem fx Practice Management together with CCH Axcess Portal and the other software to generate and post invoices to clients.”
– Laura Sprouse, Partner, Firm Administrator, Brown Edwards & Co., LLP, Lynchburg, VA.

Be persistent.

Not everyone will take to portals right away. But if you keep reminding clients, you’ll find that some clients who weren’t convinced initially will eventually come around.

“I think the attractiveness of Portal to our clients has grown because of our continued effort to get them to embrace it. Those that didn’t accept it, whenever we send out an organizer, we give a gentle reminder. And when we have their tax returns ready, we ask if we can publish it to Portal.”
—  Rob Gunther, Partner, Frost, PLLC, Little Rock, AR

Use portals as a starting point for collaboration.

Secure file exchange is a basic feature of Portal, but that’s just the beginning. Once your clients have access to their files, you can advance your client relationships through close collaboration.

“Clients send us information securely with CCH Axcess Portal, then I send back a draft to review, and we go over it on the phone or via a video meeting. Sitting down for face time is not as big of a priority for some clients as it used to be.”
– Randall L. Sansom, CPA, PA, Principal, Randall L. Sansom, CPA, PA, Gulf Breeze, FL.

Don’t believe that clients don’t care about the technology you use.

Many people think that clients don’t care about a firm’s technology, but in reality, your clients expect that your firm is utilizing modern software. Unfortunately, many tax and accounting firms have been slow to adapt to their clients’ needs.

“I think Wolters Kluwer’s cutting-edge technology sets us apart. Our clients and potential clients know that we’re operating our practice in an efficient and effective way. This translates into better service and lower fees.”
– Joe Sachetta, CPA/PFS, CFP, MBA, MST, Partner, Sachetta & Callahan, LLC, Boston, MA

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