CPA Firm Transformation Takes Center Stage

CCH Connections: User Conference 2016 kicked off on October 24, with a focus on CPA firm transformation. The first speaker of the day was Jason Marx, CEO of Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting North America. His presentation focused on digital transformation and highlighted the results of the 2016 Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting survey and white paper, “Game Plan for the Future: Are You and Your Clients in Sync?

The need for change

The opening keynote urged accountants to recognize the need for change. Increased regulatory complexity and staffing shortages are unavoidable, so firms need to find ways to manage in the face of these challenges:

A vision for the future

Right away, the focus was on the future of the profession. CPA firm transformation is intertwined with technology in ways that many people wouldn’t expect:

And then the conversation turned to what those changes mean for the average accountant:

Disruption in the accounting profession

Soon after Marx finished his presentation, keynote speaker Peter Sheahan gave a talk on disruption. He echoed some of the unavoidable challenges discussed earlier and emphasized the opportunities waiting for firms who are looking for them.

However, Sheahan warned, disruption involves some risk. Although many partners are highly risk-averse, successful firms will need to find a way to move forward:

Parting words

Finally, he finished with some advice:

The result was a room full of accounting professionals inspired to face the future:


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