CPE Credit to Fit Any Type of Accountant

When it comes to earning CPE credit, one size doesn’t fit all. Accountants have varied interests and different learning styles, which means that a course your colleague raves about may not appeal to you at all. That’s why it’s fortunate that CCH Connections: User Conference 2016 has something for everyone.

Find your persona below, along with recommended courses.  You don’t have to stick to one track, either – Mix and match to suit your interests and your firm’s needs.

The Tax Policy Wonk

If you live and breathe tax, the Tax track will help you keep up to date with regulatory changes and learn about the latest best practices.

Recommended course:
Key Tax Accounting Method Developments: What You Need to Know

Tax accounting methods and changes have had heightened awareness over the past few years. The IRS continues to focus its audit eyes on whether taxpayers are employing the proper tax accounting methods and adopting the required tax accounting methods where dictated. A prime example of this is the tangible property regulations. Beyond required method changes, tax practitioners should also adapt client tax methods to the ones that provide the best possible deferrals. In this session, tax accounting method expert and Wolters Kluwer author Eric Wallace will focus on the “need to know” including: the required tax accounting method changes, the best “non-required” tax method changes, and the what, when, where, why of method change procedures.

The Analyst

Turning numbers into analysis is what you do, and you’re eager to find better ways to do it. The Accounting & Audit track will help you learn about emerging issues and how to ensure your firm is performing better quality audits.

Recommended course:
The Continuous Audit: From Myth to Reality

There has long been discussion that the future audit will shift from attesting on past results annually to delivering real-time risk management data. Integrating into our clients systems and data and leveraging data analytics in our audit processes are sure to be foundational capabilities. This session will lay out a model for how that could work, the potential benefits and the current barriers around moving this from myth to reality. You’ll learn practical ways to move your firm from the traditional approach to the audit of the future.

The Efficiency Guru

You’re always looking for a better way to do things, so of course you made the switch to CCH Axcess as soon as you could. The courses in the CCH Axcess track will help you learn about overlooked features and new enhancements.

Recommended course:
CCH Axcess™ Tax Tips and Tricks

Is you firm taking advantage of the features in CCH Axcess Tax that, when leveraged properly, can make your tax workflow processes as efficient as possible? Attend this session to hear about the tips and tricks that are often overlooked or under-utilized. Topics will include: using the list function effectively, leveraging enhanced lookup values, incorporating reports into your review process and efficiently inputting various types of tax data.

The Futurist

You don’t have to be a computer scientist to have a vision for the technological future of your firm. The Technology track covers issues of interest to anyone involved in a firm’s technology planning and implementation.

Recommended course:
Weathering the “Storms” of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing isn’t just about internet bandwidth anymore. This session will map out possible storms you may encounter when considering the leap from traditional on-premise products to hosted solutions. Topics on the map to be explored include firm infrastructure needs, service level agreements, peering & latency, security, mobile solutions and redundancy. Learn what can be done to reduce your risk of severe weather and make sure the forecast for your transition to the cloud is sunny and clear.

The Bridge Builder

You might have gotten into accounting because of your love of numbers, but you’ve also found great satisfaction from managing people. The Firm Management track will help you enhance your practice with new ideas for increasing profitability and solving staffing issues.

Recommended course:
Generational Tsunami: R U Prepared to Survive it?

For the first time in modern history, there are 4 different generations of people working side-by-side in corporate America. This generational tsunami has significant impact on organizations and people. This isn’t your father’s CPA firm anymore! Times have changed and now firms and employees need to learn how to adjust and evolve outdated practices and policies in order to survive and thrive. This session will review the characteristics that distinguish each of the 4 generations and provide practical tips for how to lead, manage and communicate across the generations and genders. You’ll learn how to read non-verbal cues and communication styles as well as practical tips to improve your personal effectiveness. This will be an interactive session with audience polling, videos and lots of laughter!

The Oracle

When a client (or colleague) has a question, you have the answer. The new Research track features course to help you find the information you need, when you need it.

Recommended course:
The Future of Tax Research

Wolters Kluwer is debuting a new solution to assist with finding your tax information. Attend this hands-on workshop to experience the most exciting thing that has happened to tax research in decades! Our intuitive approach and unique user design will help you obtain answers to your questions quickly and with confidence. Everything you need for tax research is in one place: expert commentary for the practicing professional along with a full complement of tools, practice aids, and primary sources. Learn how to improve your productivity and grow your practice with this unrivaled experience!

The Go-Getter

You’re not content to sit back and be a spectator to your own career. The Emerging Leaders track will help you focus on your professional development and sharpen your leadership skills.

Recommended course:
Public Speaking for Real People

Most professionals are very good at what they do, but struggle to EXPLAIN what they do. This failure to communicate often holds us back from connecting with clients and peers and advancing within an organization. You may not be asked to do a TED Talks anytime soon, but you do need to know how to present yourself to leaders, peers and clients. Public Speaking Coach Mary Milla will teach you how to develop presentations that advance your ideas, keep audiences listening and build your personal brand.

CCH Connections 2016 will features seven different tracks, with more than 75 sessions that have been developed exclusively for CPAs to help you earn CPE credit and take you and your firm to the next level. Register Today!



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