6 Secrets to Highly Effective Audits

Audit work can be a profitable and rewarding service for firms to offer, but it is not immune to the challenges faced by tax firms. Staffing problems, under-prepared clients and technology issues affect all firms, but added scrutiny on audit quality has elevated these issues.  In a recent webinar, Wolters Kluwer Product Manager Cathy Rowe and Withum Partner and CIO Jim Bourke discussed how a few good habits can help your team improve audit quality and efficiency. These habits are:

  1. Train and retain staff
  2. Know your client and know the industry
  3. Standardize and automate end-to-end workflow
  4. Define the review process
  5. Ensure Client Readiness
  6. Leverage data analysis

Incorporating these habits into your everyday audit workflows may take some work, but technology can help ease the burden. The webinar includes real-world stories and advice, courtesy of Withum’s Jim Bourke, and many useful tips for enabling these habits in your firm.

The webinar, 6 Secrets to Highly Effective Audits is available on-demand from Accounting Today. Watch now! 


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