5 Firm Challenges Improved by Attending CCH Connections

Like so many other things in life, when it comes to training, you get what you pay for. Investing in training will help you serve your clients better and help your firm work more efficiently. However, if you really want to justify a training expense, it never hurts to outline exactly what your firm will get out of it.

From informative courses to unique networking opportunities, CCH Connections: User Conference 2016 offers a wealth of information and best practices. There are many reasons to attend, but the most important are the ways that the knowledge gained will help your firm solve some of its most difficult challenges.

Top Firm Issues CCH Connections: User Conference provides:
Keeping up to date with changes and complexity of laws and regulations
  • Courses that will help your firm keep up to date with tax law changes and the latest accounting and auditing guidelines
  • Discussion pods and other networking activities that will allow staff to learn about best practices from other firms like yours
Bringing in new clients
  • Courses that will make your firm more profitable, including bringing in new clients
  • The chance to meet colleagues in firms like yours that can help you uncover new business development ideas and discuss ways they are getting referral sources
Seasonality/workload compression
  • Numerous opportunities to learn how to leverage your technology investment and use your software more efficiently through recent enhancements and features you may not be taking full advantage of
  • A Technology track that offers courses about new technology solutions that can make your firm more productive
Retention of current clients
  • Additional training on your software that will enhance your efficiency so you can provide more responsive client service
  • The chance to speak with other firms and get new ideas and inspiration for ways you can serve your clients better, including new software you may want to implement
Succession planning
  • The opportunity to learn more about the latest best practices and technology infrastructure that will add value to your firm
  • An Emerging Leader track that can help develop your future managers and provide ideas for sustainability

If you still need more reasons to attend, our User Conference Infographic may help.


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