How to Support Firm Management Goals through Technology

In the 2015 Market Perspectives Survey, Boomer Consulting Inc. surveyed 400 CPA firms about their technology use and overall firm management goals. The results, summarized by Sandra Wiley in the whitepaper “Manage in the Cloud: Prepare to Be Future Ready,” showed that “ease of access” was the number one benefit realized, followed closely by “following technology best practices.” In addition, the survey found that firms with a technology plan were more likely to report benefits from moving to the cloud.

In addition to creating a written technology plan, the whitepaper recommends taking these technology-related steps toward meeting firm management goals:

Firm Management Goal Strategy
Marketing Develop your firm’s brand by improving your digital interactions with clients and prospects through technolgies like portals, branded correspondence and electronic signatures.
Business Development Give your staff more time to engage in business development activiites by reducing the amount of time they spend on data entry and handling paper files.
Client Service Improve your clients’ experiences by being more responsive and evolving your firm to meet their increasing needs and expectations.
Staff Recruiting and Retention Attract young staff and retain existing staff by paying attention to work-life balance.
Staff Development Help staff keep their technology experience up to date by using future-ready technologies.

The full whitepaper appears below.


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