What Tax and Accounting Firms Need to Know about Disruption

As an expert on exploiting business trends and new marketing opportunities, Peter Sheahan is known internationally for his innovative business thinking and thought leadership. Sheahan is Founder and Group CEO of Karrikins Group, with staff in more than 23 cities across 7 countries. At CCH Connections: User Conference 2016, attendees will benefit from his firsthand knowledge of the challenges of growing a business in these rapidly changing times.

Disruption affects everyone in the profession, whether you’re looking for it or not. Here are some quotes from Peter Sheahan about how and why you should manage it:

On connecting the old and the new ways of doing business:

“The edge of disruption is the intersection of the old and the new. It is where the existing capabilities, market preferences, brand equity, partner relationships, supply chain and value chain strengths enable you to create the models, markets and possible experiences of the future. It’s one thing to be way out on the bleeding edge looking at models that simply lack connection with the capabilities of today; it’s another to be looking at activities on the fringe of the market and pushing different thinking as to what potentially could be achieved.”

Source: Customer Engagement: Edge of Disruption for Retailers 

On working towards disruption:

“Be willing to disrupt yourself, visibly and often. Challenge your own thinking, and expect others to do the same. The questions you ask your people will set the standard for how willing they are to push forward. Instead of asking them to defend a business case, ask what other options they see – challenge them to go beyond the obvious. Ask them to understand not just what to do, but how to do it – how will people’s decisions have to change? How will it look and feel, and how do you make that the ‘new normal’?”

SOURCE: Top 5 Principles for Leaders Who Matter 

On Customer expectations:

“There is no way we can deliver on this broader scope of customer expectations without deep levels of collaboration both internally and externally. As a result, we need to give as much credence to the back of the house transformation as the front of the house transformation. There is a high level of alignment and collaboration required to do this well, do it sustainably, and do it authentically. For many brands, it is an order of magnitude greater than anything they have attempted to date. The companies that lean into this complexity rather than avoid it will be much better positioned to win in the future.”

SOURCE: Breaking Down Collaboration Silos to Meet Customer Expectations

On attracting talented staff:

“People want to work for companies that matter, solving problems that matter, for clients that matter. We extract meaning — which is becoming increasingly important for the most talented individuals — from work that is meaningful. By focusing on creating value rather than just cutting price, we engage the hearts and minds of not just our customers but our best and brightest talent as well.”

SOURCE: Becoming the Obvious Choice in Today’s Marketplace

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