Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee 2016 Annual Report Issued (IR-2016-92)

The Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee (ETAAC) has presented its 2016 annual report to Congress. ETAAC made several recommendations on a broad range of issues and concerns including the IRS Future State Initiative, changes needed to the tax landscape to better combat fraud and bolster compliance, and IRS electronic capabilities to help taxpayers before, during and after filing.

ETAAC’s primary purpose is to provide an organized public forum of relevant electronic tax administration issues for Congress to discuss relevant electronic issues. ETAAC members convey the public’s perception of professional standards and best practices for tax professionals and IRS activities; offer constructive observations regarding current or proposed IRS policies, programs and procedures; and suggest improvements to electronic tax operations.

IR-2016-92, 2016FED ¶46,356

Publication 3415 (Rev. 6-2016), Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee Annual Report to Congress, June 2016

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