Colorado ~ Miscellaneous Tax: Marijuana Average Market Rates Adjusted

For marijuana tax purposes, the Colorado Department of Revenue has released an Average Market Rate Change Fact Sheet that updates the Average Market Rates (AMR). The AMR is utilized by the Department of Revenue in levying the retail marijuana excise tax on the sale or transfer of retail marijuana from a retail marijuana cultivation facility. Effective July 1, 2016, the average market rates for unprocessed retail marijuana will be:

– Retail Flower Rate: $1816/pound (previously, $1948/pound);

– Retail Trim Rate: $505/pound (previously, $464/pound);

– Immature Plant Rate: $10/plant (previously, $9/plant);

– Wet Whole Plant Rate: $209/pound; and

– Seed Rate: $2/seed.

Average Market Rate Change Fact Sheet, Colorado Department of Revenue, June 2016



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