ProSystem fx Document 3.0 from CCH Offers Major Enhancements, Refinements

(RIVERWOODS, ILL., July 10, 2006) – CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business, has released version 3.0 of their award-winning ProSystem fx Document, the complete document management solution built specifically for today’s CPA firm. ProSystem fx Document is part of the ProSystem fx Office suite from CCH, a leading provider of tax and accounting information, software and services (

“Document has established itself as a cornerstone technology for firms that want to enhance their workflows and improve collaboration in an integrated, paperless environment,” said Stuart Gill, CCH product manager. “This latest release puts Document users even further ahead with dynamic new capabilities, more extensive integration and more streamlined workflows.”

Document Drive, Extended Storage

Two new features, the Document Drive and Extended Storage are major enhancements in Document 3.0.

With the Document Drive on their laptops, professionals now have use of functionality available within Windows Explorer while managing files with the security provided by Document. Files can be added to Document via the Drive by dragging and dropping, or doing a cut/copy and paste, while simultaneously having the ability to store the meta data related to the document. The Document Drive also extends the office by providing the ability to work efficiently offline while traveling. Documents checked in while offline will automatically upload the next time the user signs into Document.

The Extended Storage feature makes it possible to manage applications, such as ProSystem fx Fixed Assets and Quickbooks®, without concerns of broken links and unwanted versions of files. For example, as clients send multiple Quickbooks files, users have the ability to easily recognize when older files can be deleted, allowing them to manage all their files in ways that have never been readily available before. Meta data like classes and subclasses will be associated to application files making them available as part of the search results. In addition, the retention periods can be applied to these files and history will be tracked in greater detail.

“This provides users with the ability to expand their document management system into a content management system,” Gill said.

Consolidated Searches, Barcodes, Integration

In CCH’s ProSystem fx Document 3.0, search parameters for documents, clients and word searches have been combined on a single screen. These searches can be performed using any combination of these parameters based on the customized search criteria administrators have made available. In addition, for multiple offices, the search can also be conducted on any combination of offices from the same screen.

Document users who also implement ProSystem fx Scan can now utilize barcodes in the scanning process and store the output directly to Document, allowing meta data to be seamlessly added to the document directly from Scan. With the OCR scanning software included with Scan, the barcode can be leveraged for all scan jobs.

“A firm’s workflow is enhanced dramatically by combining Scan and Document,” Gill said. “Firms are finding that the shoebox of source documents provided by their clients can now be scanned, organized, stored in Document and then immediately available to their tax preparers in a shorter time than ever before.”

Integration with ProSystem fx Tax is also enhanced with release 3.0. Users can now filter to a Tax client file and launch it directly from Document. Also within Document, the Tax source documents can be filtered based on the project meta data and launched in one step to assist in the organization, preparation and review of tax returns.

Client Portals, Collaboration

Another critical component to document management is the ability to collaborate not only within the firm, but also to communicate and share documents in a timely manner with clients. With Document 3.0, updates to the Client Portal create a more efficient and secure environment for this exchange of information. E-mail notifications are sent when documents are uploaded by either the firm or the client, allowing sensitive documents to be shared in a timely fashion without concern of who else may be attempting to see them. With proper authentication, the Client Portal is accessible by clients from home, their bank, their lawyer’s office or anywhere with an Internet connection, so important documents are readily accessible on demand.

Firm Organization, Home Page, Administration

To provide the ability to mirror a firm’s workflow, the functionality of the home page and administrative operations have also been refined in Document 3.0.

Organizations can now be structured to have multiple office locations within Document. Each office can have a different default storage location, or can continue to have a centralized storage. Searches can be conducted for clients or documents in a single office or across multiple office locations.

The home page now allows users to configure how many panels to display, which layout template to use for organization and the content to appear in those panels. This can range anywhere from one to six panels, in addition to having the option for the Search page to be the home page. All panels are now available in the left navigation bar, so everything is readily available from anywhere in the application. In addition, several plug-ins allow users to perform searches, access and display information from other ProSystem fx applications directly from the Document home page, such as ProSystem fx Tax and Engagement.

Administrators will find a number of subtle enhancements in Document 3.0 that make their lives easier. For example, many of the document functions are now readily accessible and improve overall usability, such as lock, check out, check in, version numbering, direct editing, discussion and overdue notification. Additionally, administration of Document log files can be configured to capture the details of issues should they occur. This increases both on-site and remote troubleshooting abilities.

“In addition to major enhancements, we’re always looking to polish the operation and refine the feel of Document with each new release,” Gill said. “CCH’s commitment to our customers is to work with them as strategic partners – continuing to talk to firms to understand in detail the needs and goals of the public accounting industry so that we are providing products and services that help our customers achieve a strategic advantage. Our customers’ success is our top priority.”

About ProSystem fx Document

ProSystem fx Document was named by Accounting Today as a “Top 100 Product” for 2006. Document allows firms to reduce the costs associated with creating and storing paper documents and achieve dramatic workflow improvements. For more information on ProSystem fx Document, visit or call 1-800-PFX-9998.

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