CCH State Business Income Tax Research and Compliance Manager™ Speeds Work of Tax Professionals

(RIVERWOODS, ILL., April 21, 2005) – Professionals responsible for state businesses income taxes now have a powerful new internet-based resource. The CCH® State Business Income Tax Research and Compliance Manager™ from CCH Tax and Accounting (CCH), the nation’s premiere provider of tax and accounting productivity software, research and services, combines state tax research and compliance support materials in a way that makes for easier research and increased productivity. The practice-oriented Research and Compliance Manager includes news, CCH Smart Charts™, research materials and practice aids, plus audit support in the form of archived laws and regulations going back to 1994.

Tools like Multistate Smart Charts™ and CCH Smart Relate™ allow tax professionals to get their answers quickly, allowing them to move easily between research content and analysis, news and primary source documents.

“This makes multistate research and compliance more convenient than ever before,” said Angela Darrow, CCH product manager. “These materials are the ones professionals reach for first, and now, in this integrated environment, they mesh smoothly with professionals’ workflow.”

Research and Compliance Manager Content

The CCH State Business Income Tax Research and Compliance Manager includes research publications, in-depth studies, surveys, Smart Charts, journals and daily news. Subscribers have access to:

  • Multistate Corporate Income Tax Guide– This authoritative reporter leads users through all aspects of the state corporate income taxes levied by U.S. states, plus the District of Columbia. It includes CCH explanations with state-by-state details for every topic, supplemented by editorial case annotations, full-text state tax laws, regulations, court decisions and administrative rulings and quick-answer charts with at-a-glance comparisons of how each state treats key corporate income tax issues.

    Topics covered include: Federal/multistate issues; constitutional issues; business entities; regulated industries; rates; taxable income computation; allocation and apportionment; credits; administration of taxes; return filing and payment of tax; audits; collection of tax; interest and penalties; taxpayer rights and remedies.

  • State Business Income Smart Charts – Based upon CCH’s popular multistate quick-answer charts, Smart Charts blend access to answers and authority with the ability to create multi-jurisdictional, customizable charts, exportable to Microsoft ® Word ® and Excel ® so they can be more easily integrated into users’ workflow. The Smart Charts contain links back to the Multistate Corporate Income Tax Guide.
  • Annual Revenue Department Surveys (Business Income Tax) – by J.C. Healy and M.S. Schadewald – The answers to this survey guide users through business income tax questions, providing quick access to each state’s statement of its position on key issues in income taxation. A variety of easy-to-access charts summarize each state’s answers to key issues from the top state officials who interpret and apply the rules.
  • Healy and Schadewald’s Annual Revenue Department Surveys (Business Income Tax) Smart Charts – This resource presents chart material from the popular Annual Survey publication in CCH Smart Chart format. The Smart Charts provide the answers supplied by the authors’ annual survey of state departments of revenue on a wide range of income tax issues. Links are provided back to CCH discussions on the same topics.
  • Multistate Guide to Pass-Through Entities by Robert M. Kozub, DBA, CPA and James T. Collins, J.D. – This publication presents accurate, timely information concerning the operation of multistate or single state S corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships in all 50 states. Topics include resident and non-resident taxation, apportionment of income, compliance requirements and much more.
  • Related Party Transactions and Structures: State Tax Issues – This concise resource explains the actions of state taxing authorities toward complex business transactions and structures. It also explains the various challenges that states may face and discusses the limitations, burdens of proof and application of such challenges. Topics include alternative apportionment, expense disallowance and nexus issues.
  • Distinctions Between Unitary and Nonunitary Business: A Practical Guide – by Jeffrey M. Vesely, J.D. and Kerne H.O. Matsubara, J.D. – This practical discussion leads users through the issues, including unitary business principle; unitary business concept; returns; special issues; audits and procedures; contesting unitary/nonunitary determinations; computation of income apportionment formulas; and more.
  • Equipment Leasing: State Income and Franchise Tax Considerations – by John Amato, J.D. and Donna Fiammetta, CPAThis valuable resource explains the leasing industry, the processes involved and its products. In addition to state tax rules, explanations and considerations, this reference defines key concepts, such as who is the lessee and the lessor for income tax purposes, key phases of the process, GAAP issues and more.
  • Business Incentives Guide The Guide provides a map through the maze of major tax and financial incentives programs that state and local governments offer to businesses. It presents a general discussion of tax and financial incentives and specific details in a state-by-state, all-explanation format. Specific treatment is given for tax incentives, enterprise zones, financial incentives and government contacts.
  • Corporate Income Tax Law and Regulation Archive This database includes the full-text of official documents for each year beginning with 1994 through the most recent calendar year.
  • Legislative and Regulatory Activity DatabasesThese databases allow use of Tax Tracker to follow legislative activity for the current week and the current year’s final and pending legislation. They also allow searching and retrieval of up-to-date bill texts.
  • Business Income Tax Forms Instructions Instructions to various business forms are included as a convenient reference for compliance questions.
  • Internal Revenue Code and Federal Regulations The currently applicable federal provisions are included for convenient reference.
  • Tax Alert Newsletters The Compliance Manager includes two Tax Alert news letters: State Income Tax Alert and Tax Shelter Alert.
  • Specialized JournalsThree specialized journals addressing complex business income tax issues: TheJournal of State Taxation,TheCorporate Business Taxation Monthly and TheJournal of Pass-Through Entities.
  • State Tax Review This CCH newsletter covers news from every state each week. In addition to news stories, special features frequently cover timely issues in depth with articles, charts or maps.
  • CCH® Tax Tracker News – This daily tax news service can be customized to track corporate income tax issues, including topics such as allocation and apportionment, pass-through entity issues and other business income tax issues.

Availability and Pricing

For more information or to subscribe to the CCH State Business Income Tax Research and Compliance Manager, call 800-449-8114 or visit the CCH Online Store at A one-year subscription is $3,299.

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