Senate Passes Energy Legislation

In a resourceful move to counter procedural obstacles that threatened to prevent passage of an energy bill before its August recess, the Senate abandoned its current energy bill and passed instead the energy bill that had passed the Senate in the last Congress on April 25, 2002. The bill includes tax credits and incentives for alternative vehicles and fuels, tax credits for incorporation of energy efficient devices and techniques in homes and businesses, extension and modification of the renewable electricity tax credit, clean coal incentives, oil and gas incentives, and some additional provisions, including some related to electric utility restructuring. Although the bill (HR 6) passed by a vote of 84-14, many members appeared primarily focused on getting any energy bill passed in order to move to a House/Senate Conference Committee, where the real fight will be over what provisions to include. The House passed its version of energy legislation on April 11, 2003.


Wolters Kluwer TAA

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